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Gackt is a human being. A whole heatedly good human being.

If you wonder why it is that I idolize this man and dedicate hours upon hours cataloging every minute thing he does on this blog there’s multiple reasons. Alex, my boyfriend, was the catalyst to me learning of this man.

And now you’re gonna be schooled as to why it is I think hes a whole heartedly good human being.

Growing up, he was a victim of severe abuse and was bullied. Now, I don’t know whether or not this is misinformation, but Alex told me that when Gackt was a child he almost drowned because he went into a lake against his fathers warnings. After almost drowning his father beat him severely. He was also bullied incessantly, called a freak because he saw apparitions. He was sent to hospital due to gastro intestinal ailments. He was told it was unlikely hed live to be thirty. He met other kids in the hospital but soon after meeting them they’d die. He was completely isolated and alone.

These occurrences filled him with self hate and anxiety. He couldn’t understand why he was seen as abnormal and grew to despise himself. Hes said himself that all he could think of was to hate, hate, hate. Hed put himself into reckless situations just to get close to death, such as reckless driving and getting into car wrecks as well as getting into fights on an almost daily basis.

He still lives with his illness and has said before that because of it he lives in fear never knowing when hell die. In spite of this he has made it his mission to help and protect others.

He started a relief fund for the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, which you can donate to here: http://gackt.com/show_your_heart/us.html

About it, hes said:

We decided to organize the charity as it was something that even we could start [in order to help]. We want everyone to lend us their strength. Although individuals may not be able to do much, if everyone works together, it becomes a lot of power. In this sort of time, we need to have the courage to lend a helping hand.”

Hes performed at tons of Japanese graduation ceremonies:

Gackt showed up, gave a speech and performed “Noni Saku Hanano Youni” which he made in 2005, inspired by a letter from a fan sent to his radio show. The fan’s school was in danger of closing and Gackt gave advice and wrote the song in support, promising that he will perform it at the graduation if the school was able to stay open. The story had a happy ending and Gackt was able to visit the school graduation ceremony to perform. Since then, he visits random high schools on graduation day by request to perform the song. How he decided to show up at this year’s location is still unknown.

When Ogata Ken, his co star and mentor on Fuurin Kazan passed away, Gackt was crushed. He looked to Ken as a father figure.


This is a poem he wrote in the memory of Ken.

Passing Clouds, Flowing Water
Flowing with the clouds passing in the sky
Water keeps moving
With no obsession, no attachment
Only moving
As nature deems fit

He also wrote Fathers Day as a dedication to him.

Here, he discusses the loss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kvxE23GEeg

He is constantly in and out of the hospital, whether due to his illness or over working himself I’m unsure. He busts his ass on a daily basis. Just this year he filmed a TV series and a movie based on the series as well as did a tour and performed with his friend Yohio.

He works so hard on stage that often times he passes out or becomes dehydrated, even in pain. (see fifth pic above)

He is full of love towards others. It seems like every time hes on Arashi hes giving something valuable away, hugging someone, or kissing someone.

Gackt Hug photo AkumuVersionsmaller.gif

photo 1yvpc0.gif

Hes even done surprise performances for fans at their place of work.

He went to an elementary school this year to talk to sixth graders about their possible future plans and about achieving their dreams.

He performed with his good friend and Swedish musician YOHIO and took up for YOHIO and laughed along with him when others attacked him for no reason.

I put that twitter quote as the last image because I want everyone to see how deeply he cares. Gackt is a human being. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing people refer to him as some sadistic automaton who doesn’t value anyone or anything. He does nothing but give and give and give and just because he makes an occasional remark about how big his dick is I see him being treated like some arrogant self absorbed snob, as if he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, as if he only values people based on looks or money.

He is a person who truly cares.

That is why I like Gackt.

He is someone whos touched on self harm in his songs, he is someone who was a stupid reckless awkward teen who felt disgusted at the thought of masturbation and was treated like he was insane for being different. He is someone who dedicates himself to his fans, to his work, someone who isn’t afraid of ambiguity, who doesn’t do things solely for money, who speaks his mind when it matters most.

I like Gackt because he was as I am now. He was like how a lot of you are now.

And even if you dislike him or are indifferent towards him I want you to be aware that someone in this world felt how you felt. And took his misery and turned it into strength.